South of the Ventura Freeway, US-101, to the city limit. Then east to Lynn Rd., where Lynn cross the 101. And to the west to the boundary of Dois Venetos, i.e.: end of Kimber Dr.

East or Erbes, all the homes north and south of La Granada the the east terminus of La Granada. The south boundary would be Falmouth

MountClef & CLU to the West
Olsen Road to the South
Moorpark Road to the East
YMCA ridgeline to the North

Westlake Blvd., Duesenberg Ave., Hillcrest, the 101 freeway. Generally the Russell Park Westlake Hills development.

South of 101 freeway
East of Lynn Road all the way to the Westlake borders on the East side.
Zip code is generally 91361.

Thousand Oaks Blvd, Via Merida, Via Colinas