Similar housing size, schools & services.

Mates Elem. school includes our neighborhood in it’s priority selection. It used to the the Meadows Elem. school boundary.
Almost all the homes were built between 1960-1970. Many homes are the same floor plans. The Kevington community share a HOA and all view lots. Some of the best views in the whole city!

Single family homes in fire prone area, as well as college community apartments on south near CLU, plus senior housing to southeast and on west side of CLU

Parks, open space, low impact industry, neighborhood developments are cohesive, schools, retail including supermarkets.

The described neighborhoods generally backup to open space. There is a mix of single family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments.
Our concern is protecting the neighborhoods from commercial encroachment where the land is zoned residential. The protection in keeping this neighborhood residential that preserves the culture of what Thousand Oaks is known for. Where to raise our families in safety. Why we bought or rent near the open space and mountains. Keeping the green zones. Excluding the building of more than 2 story commercial structures to maintain the views for the City.

Availability of organic food choices in markets and restaurants with reasonable prices for families and seniors. Organic foods can contribute to better health for everyone.