Traffic & access to basic shopping & services. That being grocery stores & restaurants, medical services.

The whole neighborhood is east of Erbes and should not be split up. We all share the same issues school, crime, wild life etc. and we should share the same CC representative. We are different then the community to the west – Conejo Oaks which has very large lots. To the north, Scenic Park which are a different product, different schools etc. And to the south, (south of Hillcrest) which is mixed uses, i.e. apartments, large homes, rental homes.

See above and include areas west of Moorpark Road and extending to Wildwood to encompass entire college oriented residential community extending to Conejo Ridge and Conejo Creek area

Geography and common interests.

Housing is a key issue for the City. Land zoning is key in housing. Allowing commercial development to encroach into residential land should not be how we develop and plan the City. There needs to be designated areas for commercial use and designated areas for livings. Maintaining these boundaries maintains the culture of the city and assures those that live in the residential areas that they can depend on the fact that commercial development won’t invade into the neighborhoods.

Most growing families and seniors value maintaining good health in my community of interest. With cost of living increases, organic foods costs should be kept reasonable.