Borchard & Redfield

I live in Kevington east of Erbes Rd , north of La Granada. The larger neighborhood also includes the homes south of La Granada

Green ridge tract north east of CLU

Dos Vientos near Sycamore Canyon School

I live in Westlake Hills, just one block north of Russell Park and directly off of Blue Mesa Street. I also consider myself living in the greater Westlake Village area and have always identified as a resident of the Westlake Village area of city of Thousand Oaks. The greater area I live in is the 101 corridor and Westlake Boulevard.

South of 101 Freeway and East of Lynn Roads (to include housing to the West and East of Moorpark Road south of the 101). Includes those in the zip code of 91361.

The Westlake Village portion of Thousand Oaks